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We here at Brown Fido live upstairs above the Brown Fido store.  We have the
coffee on all the time, so please stop by day or night and have a cup of java and a
hot cinnamon roll.  We make Fake Dog Poop all night long so the coffee is always
hot and the Jazz music is almost always going.

Dear Pranksters:  Do not get your pet, dog, or cat in trouble !
Keep in mind that a pet may be in danger of retaliation by an irate prank victim.  
Don't leave the prank (Fake Dog Poop or Fake Cat Poop) to be found without you
being there to defuse the situation before an animal is beaten within an inch of its
life !!!
Be kind to your pets !
A three legged dog walks into a bar,  and says:
"I'm looken for the man that shot my paw."
Well Party Hardy !
We wondered what some folks in New York were going to do with 40 something
pieces of different sizes of our Fake Dog Poop. We just received an email saying
that they were having a Fake Dog Poop Theme Party. They decorated the entire
Butt-Fey (buffet) with our Fake Dog Poop as well as on the carpet and on eating
tables. (Yum Yum) They had all sizes of stuffed toy dogs sitting around too. Woof
Woof. And signs saying "Beware of Dog" and "Don't Poop on the Grass" type of
thing. Oh well.   I guess ..
..THAT IS... a different kind of party, rather than the ol'
Hawaiian theme.   I know they must have had FUN !
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MOVIES ..... We are in the Movies !

"Marley and Me", about a bad dog: "Marley" ... starring Jennifer
Aniston, Owen Wilson & Alan Arkin came out in Dec. 2008,

and .........

"Way Up North", an Alaskan Short Film.  It's a "modern western":
(i.e., cowboys, snow, pickup trucks) shot in Alaska.

YOU are buying any of our Fake Poop Products for a movie,
commercial, or YouTube, let us know so we can post it here !

We have sold for productions at:
Paramount,  20th Century Fox,  Pinewood Studios - England
ahead !    Order and ask at least a month in advance so we can make plans to get your
special order done.  Each piece of Fake Dog Poop takes many hours, spread out over
several days to complete all the processes necessary to make this kind of special

Our Fake Poop Products do not have any smell or intentional bad odor.
We do not recommend those "Poop, Fart and other Smelly Spray" products
that stink up a product or room.  Many people are allergic to those smells and
odors or chemicals.   Using nasty odor "Fart" sprays will disrupt business, disrupt
classes, and meetings and could cause people to get sick.  Therefore, you will be liable
to those people and could get arrested for using "Stink" products on the public.
We do not sell them or recommend their use.    In these times, they could be
confused with the smells of deadly chemicals or a chemical attack and could cause a
panic, trampling and death, and you will be held responsible.
We also accept donations from kind patrons at
People are using our Fake Dog Poop as a Security Device by placing a
piece or two on a current newspaper and placing that in view of a window or
glass door that can be seen by someone on the outside looking in.
When a business is closed for the night, or for use in a home with a window
that can be seen thru from the outside, a newspaper with one or more pieces
of different shaped Fake Dog Poop will indicate that there must be a DOG
somewhere, ............................. or DOGS !
Now, you can't see the DOG or DOGS, butt they have certainly done their
duty on the newspaper and therefore there MUST be a DOG  ......... hiding
...................... lurking ........... waiting ........... maybe ... out of view .....
AND the knowledge of a DOG .... waiting for whoever decides to break in,
or come in, is quite a deterrent !
Now that is FEAR !
And no one wants to mess with a DOG, and certainly one that cannot be
seen, and is .... waiting for them to enter.
By putting out a newspaper, each night, in a little different position,
with one or two different shapes, each night, it looks like the newspaper
is being changed, the DOG or DOGS are trained ....... and waiting.
OH GOD ! ................... PURE FEAR !
Made in
The USA !
YouTube videos that have Brown Fido Fake Poop:  ( And if you make one send us the url.
We must be able to identify our Fake Poop on the video before we can post it here.)

Steve Fearson: Illegal Chupacabra   /
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