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"Brown Fido is a group of well..." hippies"  that have been
making and selling stuff for years on the streets and in small
store fronts and now have turned to the Internet to sell
their wares."
Invisible Dog Brand FAKE DOG POOP
After years and years of cleaning up after our own dogs and then seeing what was
available in the form of FAKE DOG POOP,  we discovered that most FAKE DOG
POOP doesn't really look like what we were cleaning up.  SO, in about 1990 we set
on a quest to make the best FAKE DOG POOP ........ EVER !

As kids, we purchased what must have been, dozens of different kinds of FAKE
DOG POOP and all were mass-produced rubber and plastic ones that looked like  
Dog Poop for only a couple seconds and then, as you looked closely at them, they
looked like molded rubber and plastic with sometimes the mold seams showing.
Usually, it was made in Communist China.

We worked, and tested and worked and worked, day after day, week after week,
month after month, year after.......well it didn't take "years", come on.
So, ...... we finally had a FAKE DOG POOP product that we could make
"Free-Style", by hand, so that each piece was a little different than the rest.  Our "Fake
Dog Poop Stylists" make this crap in different sizes now.  We continue to improve our
product every month of every year and it keeps getting better and better.  We continue
to learn how to improve our Fake Poop.

We tested it.  It fooled owners of dogs.
It even fooled the dogs themselves. So much so, some dogs hid in shame as if  "THEY
DID IT",  but don't quite remember.

But now, it is almost too good.
About half our Fake Dog Poop Products are taken for "Real" and when found by the
intended prank victim, picked up with paper towels and flushed down the toilet.
After that, the dog or pet may be close to getting a spanking if the Prankster does not
defuse the situation.  
So, make sure there is someone that "knows what is going on" when the Fake Poop is
found.  We don't want any injured pets.  We HAVE heard these stories already so
again, most unsuspecting people WILL take this as "Real" when they find it.

We now also make custom Fake Poop for ... movies, plays, commercials for Public
Service Announcements about "Picking up after your pet", museums that want realistic
poop for their animal exhibits and Fake Dog Poop Parties.

All of our FAKE DOG POOP is made, by us, by hand, here in El Paso, Texas, USA.

Since all our products are made by hand, we cannot just "speed up a machine"
and make more and make it faster.  At times, we are backlogged with orders
that come in faster than we can make this crap. If you need a large order, tell us ahead
of time how many or what size you need and we can give you an estimate of delivery

We are not a big company, nor do we want to be.  We have been involved with big
companies before and that's when things can REALLY go wrong. And in a big way.

So, we make Fake Poop all day, almost every day, and sometimes way into the night
to catch up on Christmas and Special Orders for movies and special productions.

ALLOW TIME for large orders.  Order and ask at least a month in advance so we
can make plans to get your special order done.  Each piece of Fake Dog Poop takes
many hours, spread out over several days to complete all the processes necessary to
make this kind of special product.

Our Fake Poop Products do not have any smell or intentional bad odor.
We do not recommend those "Poop, Fart and other Smelly Spray" products
that stink up a product or room.  Many people are allergic to those smells and
odors or chemicals.   Using nasty odor "Fart" sprays will disrupt business, disrupt
classes, and meetings and could cause people to get sick.  Therefore, you will be liable
to those people and could get arrested for using "Stink" products on the public.
We do not sell them or recommend their use.    In these times, they could be
confused with the smells of deadly chemicals or a chemical attack and could cause a
panic, trampling and death, and you will be held responsible.
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Check out some of our products on this Fake Poop Video !
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